A multifaceted musician on a mission, singing
and strumming the melodies of Roots, Rock &
Reggae. Alex Marley has emerged as a live
concert phenomenon performing in Jamaica
and across the U.S.A for several years. Born in
Kingston, Jamaica on the 29th of July 1987,
Alex’s musical journey began with song writing
at age eleven and led him to major in guitar
and voice at the Edna Manley College of Visual
and Performing Arts. In addition, he studied
Mass Communications at the University of the
West Indies. His dedication to enriching
youths has opened opportunities for Alex to
teach music to high school students near
Trench Town in Kingston, where his legendary
cousin Bob Marley grew up, and in West
Africa. An avid supporter of charities, Alex has
performed at benefit concerts for St. Jude’s
Hospital and the American Cancer Society.
Furthering his entertainment career, Alex has
also starred in TV commercials, local films and



















Guided by the teachings of Rastafari, Alex is on a musical mission destined to create and
spread positive music with a message. Demonstrating his instrumental versatility, Alex is
known to give electrifying performances featuring a mix of guitar, percussion drums and bass.
On stage Alex’s transcending guitar and percussion solos are representative of personal
experience and inspiration of rock legend, Jimi Hendrix. Audiences are engaged by Alex on
saxophone, playing foundational tunes such as Rockfort Rock and Swing Easy paying homage
to the Skatalites. Alex has a unique style and delivery appealing to the ladies with mellow love
tunes, fusing Jazz and Rock with Reggae. Driven to promote social awareness he reaches
younger audiences by incorporating energetic hip-hop and poetic dancehall freestyles. Alex
finds his roots in music by Bob Marley & sons, Garnett Silk, Jacob Miller, Peter Tosh, Dennis
Brown, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Burning Spear, and also Stevie Wonder.




















Alex’s music can be heard on radio stations in Jamaica, the US, UK, South America, and
Africa. His global performances include stages and stadiums in West Africa, Jamaica, and
Trinidad. Additionally Alex has toured over 35 states performing at major events including the
Midwest Reggae Fest in Ohio, Bat Fest in Austin, Texas, Reggae in the Hills in Northern
California, Bayfront Reggae Fest in Minnesota, and Art Basel in Miami to name a few. Other
ALEX MARLEY venues include: Hard Rock Café-Philadelphia, the Saint-
Asbury Park, NJ, Webster Hall-New York, The Demo St.
Louis, Blue Bird-Denver, Pink Garter-Wyoming, Top Hat
Lounge-Montana, The Hop-Washington, SLO Brew-San
Luis Obispo, Saint Rock-Hermosa
Beach, and Belly Up-San Diego etc.






Alex’s personal interests include surfing, skateboarding,
snowboarding, motocross, and football/soccer. He is a
former member of Jamaica’s National Surfing team and he
also holds a 4th degree brown belt in Zendoe Kai Kan
Karate. He has connected well with the local communities
in Hawaii through his love of surfing. He headlined
various events throughout the Hawaiian Islands (Oahu,
Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island), which were all filled to
capacity. He is also sponsored by major surf companies,
such as North Shore Surf Shop and Dakine. Through the
various outreach programs in Jamaica, Alex distributes
some of the merchandises he receives from his sponsors
to the inner city youth in Jamaica with the aim of
promoting music and the arts along with skateboarding, surfing and other extreme sports as a
way for the children to further express themselves and to develop cultural diversity.






Alex Marley Music
USA Cell: 808.304.8025